CEO Update – November 2022

25 Nov 2022

ICC Sydney’s team constantly challenges itself to make a difference for our clients, stakeholders and community as we deliver extraordinary events. Across all elements of our world class services, our aim is to live up to our more than a venue promise. This extends to optimising our award winning culinary service to help event organisers to positively impact the environment and communities by simply selecting sustainable food and beverage options.

This month, we have further strengthened our commitment to the ASM GlobalACTS social equity and global sustainability program with the launch of our 2023 Menu Collection. Supported by our Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Jess Zickar, who conducted the carbon calculation analysis for our menus, our exemplary Culinary team, led by Director of Culinary Services Lynell Peck and our Executive Chef Rakesh Pillai, have selected the highest quality fresh and seasonal produce to create world class dishes that now include low carbon options identified according to the estimated carbon footprint associated with the farming, harvesting, production, and transportation of ingredients.

Paired with our signature 100% New South Wales wine list, our complete menu collection was developed with produce from more than 130 producers across our supply chain. Executive Chef Rakesh Pillai explains our culinary philosophy and how the 2023 Menu Collection was developed (insert link to blog when ready).

We are equally proud to have a strong network of beverage partners from across the state. Our wine list features a diverse range of premium sparkling, red, white, rosé, dessert wines and several alternative varieties that can be perfectly matched with the menu. William Wilson our Food and Beverage Manager and Sommelier shares ICC Sydney’s approach to sourcing New South Wales wines in his latest blog, Celebrating the state’s top winemakers at ICC Sydney | ICC Sydney.

We’ve actively increased the number of First Nations suppliers on our beverage list with Axel Vodka, Yaru Water and Sobah Beers being added recently. Alcohol free beverages have increased exponentially over the last few years, and we offer a wide range of quality options on our menu including Sobah non-alcoholic craft beer.

Minimising the environmental impact of events, in line with ICC Sydney’s commitment to sustainability, ICC Sydney works with event organisers to manage waste and diversion. From the repurposing of leftover event materials to charities, through to the creation of edible centrepieces which are then turned into meals for people in need, ICC Sydney’s strategies are designed to make a positive social impact. Last financial year, edible centrepieces ordered for events at the venue were used to create 1,246 meals for people in need across Sydney.

As Summer in vibrant Sydney has arrived, it is timely to invite event organisers to consider ICC Sydney’s open air entertaining service – Connect Outdoors. Delivered in collaboration with supply partner Divine Events, Connect Outdoors allows attendees to enjoy styled, ambient, reimagined networking opportunities while overlooking uninterrupted views of Sydney’s picturesque skyline. Four outdoor networking packages can be integrated into a broader event program and exemplify our signature approach to providing a world class and innovative service.

As the end of the year draws closer, I will take the opportunity to wish you a safe, sound and happy holiday. Please note, ICC Sydney’s Administration Office will be closed from Thursday 22 December – Tuesday 3 January 2023 inclusive for the holiday season.

Yours sincerely,

Geoff Donaghy,
CEO, ICC Sydney and Group Director – Convention Centres, ASM Global (APAC)