Darling Harbour Theatre

Chris Williamson ‘Self Discovery’

Boasting 400 million+ downloads, the UK’s Chris Williamson of the ‘Modern Wisdom Podcast’ has announced his debut Australian tour dates, set for November 2024! 

In 2018, Williamson found himself inspired by psychologists and neuroscientists such as Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Bret Weinstein & Andrew Huberman. This fuelled the beginning of his own ‘Modern Wisdom Podcast’, which has now seen him hit 2 million+ YouTube subscribers & 21,000+ Spotify reviews – sitting at 4.9/5 stars! 

His show attracts the biggest names in the podcast world, such as David Goggins, Jordan Peterson, Gary Vaynerchuck, Mo Gawdat & more to provide their own “life lessons” to Chris and his vast audience. Chris himself has featured as a guest on the ‘biggest podcast in the world’ – The Joe Rogan Experience. 

Coming to Australia for the first time, Chris Williamson will be delighting audiences with his tales from 790+ podcast episodes, as well as his experiences from reality TV star to podcast & modern wisdom guru.