Am I able to order services when on-site?

As an exhibitor, you are able to order a limited number of services on-site, however we cannot guarantee availability of all services. On-site orders can only be processed at the Exhibitor Services Desk on Level 2 of the Exhibition Centre.

How do I order services for my stand?

You may order services including food and beverage, internet, water and waste facilities, banner hanging and rigging, stand cleaning and audio visual in advance of your event with our dedicated Exhibitor Services team at [email protected] or +61 2 9215 7373.

Can I bring in an external catering supplier for my exhibition stand?

As ICC Sydney has the sole catering rights to the venue it is a request that no externally provided food and beverage is brought into the venue unless directly related to your business i.e. imported or manufactured by your company and that these items are restricted to sampling sizes. If you wish to enquire about catering outside of the options listed for your exhibition stand, please contact the exhibition services team on +61 2 9215 7373 or at [email protected].

If I am exhibiting at ICC Sydney do I get any parking discounts?

Exhibitor discounted parking is valid on full move-in or move-out days only. Carpark passes may be validated at the Exhibitor Services Desk on Exhibition Level 2, beside Hall 4.

If I have a custom stand at an exhibition, am I required to get approval from ICC Sydney?

Yes, you will be required to submit a render of your custom stand highlighting dimensions and structural elements along with an ICC Sydney Custom Stand permit application form

If I intend on providing for and/or beverage samples at ICC Sydney, are there any permits that I must gain?

Yes, you must submit your ICC Sydney Food and Beverage Sampling permit along with an approved City of Sydney Issued temporary food stall permit number for review. You are able to find more information about Temporary Food Stall Permits on the City of Sydney website.

Are there any deadlines that I need to be aware of for ordering services or submitting permits?

All exhibitor orders and permit forms must be submitted at least fourteen (14) days out for the first move in day.

Do I have to pay for ordered services upfront?

All exhibitor orders must be paid in full at least five (5) business days ahead of the first move-in day of your event. If payment has not been received, the ordered services will not be provided.

Am I able to pay for my order in a different currency?

We only accept payments via eftpos in Australian Dollar and do not have a multi-currency facility. If you are settling your invoice via credit card, our online payment facility will process the transaction in Australian Dollars and your credit card provider will charge the appropriate amount in your currency to your card.

If you are settling your invoice via bank transfer, please pay in Australian Dollars and you bank will look after the conversion. To pay into an Australian Bank account, you will need the SWIFT code which is listed on your invoice.

Does ICC Sydney accept cash?

ICC Sydney is a cashless venue. We accept payment via eftpos only for all services including food and beverage kiosks and cafes, parking and merchandise outlets.

Major credit cards, debit cards and mobile/watch pay (apple pay, google pay and samsung pay) are accepted. The venue does not accept alipay or wechat pay.

Do you have free Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the precinct and is capped at a speed of 1.5Mbps per device. If you would like to purchase premium speeds online follow the steps.

If I order alcohol for my stand, am I required to hire staff from ICC Sydney to serve this alcohol?

In order to serve alcohol on your stand, you must have a New South Wales RSA certified person serve all beverages and ensure adequate RSA measures are in place on your stand. This is inclusive of providing appropriate signage from the Office of Liquor and Gaming as well as an RSA log book to record any incidents.

Alternatively, you are welcome to hire an ICC Sydney team member to assist with this. If you wish to do so, please contact the exhibition services team on 02 9215 7373 or at [email protected].

Where can I find permit forms?

You can find these documents within our Exhibitor Toolkit, which also houses a lot of other useful information such as permit forms, loading dock information and floorplans.

What are kiosk cards?

Kiosk Cards are prepaid debit cards that can be used at any ICC Sydney food and beverage outlet. The cards are preloaded with an amount of your choosing and will all be linked. Kiosk cards can be purchased onsite from the exhibitor services desk. Any balance above $5 can be refunded upon the return of the card. Full prepayment is required at the point of purchase. If you would like further information or a copy of the terms and conditions please contact the exhibition services team on 02 9215 7373 or at [email protected]

Who can we direct our freight enquiries to?

Please direct all freight enquiries to your event organiser or freight forwarder.

Who manages deliveries at the Convention Centre Loading Dock?

In the interest of safety, security and care for the building, ICC Sydney porterage services are exclusive to the venue.

For events in the Convention Centre, your event organiser is responsible for engaging ICC Sydney’s Event Logistics team for porterage of exhibition materials. For more information, speak to your event organiser.

What options are there for the delivery and collection of items?

If you are an exhibitor organising the delivery and/or pickup of materials to and from your stand, proceed with one of the below options:

Through your Event Organiser: please reach out to your organiser to understand if a freight forwarder or storeroom has been arranged for the event.

Self-delivery and Couriers: Vehicle to be pre-booked and materials delivered on the day of your move in and move out, no on-site storage available unless arranged through your organiser. ICC Sydney porterage and/or storage must be pre-arranged (and paid for) through your organiser. Please use the Loading Dock Booking Form.

Car Park: small items can be hand-carried, please park in P1 (accessed via Darling Drive) and proceed to the event space. Please note, large trolleys and freight are not permitted in guest lifts; for delivery of large or bulky freight, please refer to the self-delivery option and proceed to the Convention Loading dock.

What if I have multiple deliveries?

Multiple deliveries can be accommodated, however, it is recommended to consolidate items where possible for a single delivery. This will minimise the risk of items being misplaced and is likely more cost effective. ICC Sydney porterage services will then be used from the loading dock to the event space and back.

How do I book a delivery?

All deliveries must be booked through ICC Sydney’s Loading Dock Management System (LDMS).

Please use the Loading Dock Booking Form here, located within ICC Sydney’s Exhibitor Toolkit. For any enquiries on loading dock bookings, requests or appointments, please contact [email protected]

When making a delivery, can I park my car in the Loading Dock?

When making a delivery to the Convention Centre loading dock, please make a booking and complete LDMS booking form here prior to arrival.

The loading docks are NO PARKING zones. Exhibitors can access the loading dock for a maximum of 15 minutes to drop off their goods, however, the driver must stay with the vehicle. Once deliveries are unloaded, the vehicle has to leave the loading dock and park at the ICC Sydney carparks. Please note that parking fees apply.

As an exhibitor or an exhibitor's supplier, can I take my items directly to my stand?

Yes, small items can be hand-carried to your stand. Please park in P1 and proceed to the event space.

Please note, large trolleys and freight are not permitted in guest lifts; for delivery of large or bulky freight, please refer to the self-delivery option and proceed to the Convention Loading dock.

What happens if I do not schedule my delivery/courier?

All deliveries within the Convention Centre must be scheduled. Unscheduled deliveries will not be accepted unless porterage and / or storage have been pre-arranged, and paid for through the event organiser.

All deliveries/collections within the Convention Centre must be scheduled through the organiser’s appointed Freight Forwarder. If no Freight Forwarder is appointed, then all individual vehicles must be booked via ICC Sydney’s Loading Dock booking form.