What We Learnt About Food

31 Jul 2017

It was three food-fueled idea days at ICC Sydney with three industry leading events held over 16 – 19 July.

Foodpro, Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) 50th Anniversary Convention and the Dairy Industry Association of Australia State Conference brought some of the industry’s brightest minds together to discuss the latest in food technology, market updates and science research.

Delegates were immersed in presentations from highly regarded industry professionals, including the team leader of dairy science from CSIRO, Dr Amy Logan, and representatives from the European Food Information Council.

From an abundance of information shared across all three events, ICC Sydney has narrowed down the top five things it learnt:

  1. CSIRO have begun research into how technology could be used to create personalised diets based on our genetics and lifestyle.
  2. Technology is readily available that can monitor food temperature and location during distribution, using real time data.
  3. Consumers may one day be able to hold their phone up to a product and scan the barcode to reveal the origin of their food.
  4. Food labels are being developed that can change colour with temperature or time, and can be programmed to release preservatives.
  5. Australia exports over $40 billion worth of food and beverages each year with 63 per cent headed for Asia.

With countless ideas, discoveries and new initiatives revealed, the future of food is one that will be forever evolving and advancing.