Sustainable Solutions Bolster Menu of Opportunities

13 Nov 2019



As part of ICC Sydney’s commitment to sustainability we make continuous small improvements to deliver positive outcomes for the community and help organisations, delegates and event attendees to fulfil their environmental and socially conscious appetites.

Waste Reduction
Through collaboration with suppliers, our certified commercially compostable coffee cups can now be disposed in our organics bins. As we work to reduce single use items we have also removed coffee cups lids from our standard tea and coffee houses, with lids an opt-in at retail outlets.

Furthering our waste reduction efforts, from 2020 we are removing mints from meeting rooms, saving over 480,000 single use plastic wrappers heading to landfill each year. In addition notepads and pens will be set at the back of meeting rooms to minimise wastage.

Tackling carbon emissions
To assist clients, freight forwarders and contractors tackle carbon emissions generated from events, we are introducing an exhibition hall storage rate. Subject to availability, our Event Services team will be able to advise of onsite storage options up to four weeks prior to your event. Stored items will be locked down during operations days, with additional costs such as security applicable during move in and out. Taking advantage of the square metre storage rate will reduce the environmental impact and cost of transporting items offsite between move in and move out.

Sydney Water Partnership
ICC Sydney’s partnership with Sydney Water promotes the use of Sydney’s tap water at events. Co-branded reusable glass bottles in all meeting rooms, has significantly decreased bottled water consumption onsite, with over 1.5 million plastic bottles saved to date. To encourage events in the Exhibition Halls to use plumbed water stations, we do not charge a pit fee for Sydney Water units.

ICC Sydney is committed to best practice environmental sustainability and has implemented environmental sustainability systems in line with international standard ISO14001 and EarthCheck criteria. Please refer to our Sustainability Policy.

Sustainable Event Guide 
Navigating sustainable event practices can be challenging. To support clients on their journeys we are launching a Sustainable Event Guide. The guide provides practical information including checklists, such as organising a plastic free event, as well as activations that can be employed as part of our Legacy Program. Details of ICC Sydney’s current sustainability practices are also a great resource to assist during venue selection as well as providing content that you can communicate to your delegates and stakeholders.

We understand the importance of collaboration in delivering positive outcomes for the community in which we operate. Through our Legacy Program, we work with clients to achieve your sustainability goals. For further details on our sustainability initiatives and how you can engage in the Legacy Program please contact csr@iccsydney.com.