Resilience in Motion; Remaining Agile in a Pandemic

28 May 2021

In times of change, resilience has proven paramount in remaining open throughout this pandemic. In an uncertain landscape, ICC Sydney has successfully taken an agile approach and continuously adapted to the current health regulations. Despite not knowing how long the road to recovery is, our successes in the venue give us confidence in what lies ahead.

Over the past week, ICC Sydney welcomed more than 60,000 people across a diversity of events including conferences, exhibitions, concerts and gala balls. We felt match-fit and ready to host events safely under our EventSafe Operating guide,  which integrates parent group ASM Global’s Venue Shield program. However, this past week’s Victorian outbreak and subsequent lockdown serves as a reminder that there will continue to be distractions and detours on our road to recovery.

It is nonetheless reassuring to continue to see key recovery milestones met, most significantly the resurgence of Sydney businesses and the state economy. It is imperative that we retain our resilience as we aim for full confidence in national travel, the next step in recovery.

We’ll continue to work closely with our industry representative bodies in their advocacy work with state and federal governments.

It is my hope that we will then see additional travel bubbles emerge with certain markets and then ultimately, full and unfettered international travel. Underpinning the success of our forward trajectory is our need to be vaccinated. Once we are at acceptable vaccine levels, we’ll also need to address visitor quarantining in order to attract talent for events and, of course, delegates – allowing us to arrive at our ultimate destination.

Even though challenges continue, it is important that we never lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. These bumps in the road remind us that there is still some way to go but with our ever-agile team working hand-in-hand with clients to plan and deliver world class events even in the face of COVID-19, it’s a path we’re confident we can walk.

Link to ICC Sydney’s EventSafe Operating Guide: ICCSydney-EventSafe-Operating-Framework.pdf 
Link to ASM VenueShield: ASM Global VenueShield – Trusted Protection for the Live Experience (asmvenueshield.com)