Next generation LED Foyer Screen set to captivate delegates

09 Aug 2019



When we set out to deliver events for clients at ICC Sydney, we know that first impressions count and creating a sense of arrival for delegates is paramount to the overall success of an event.

Using digital media is just one of the many ways that we work with clients to leave a lasting impact on delegates and we’re constantly looking at new and innovative ways to use technology to maximise our event delivery. Recently, we installed a new visually stunning and impactful LED Foyer Screen in the entrance of our convention centre.

Spanning an impressive 47.5sqm, the Vuepix screen is 19m wide x 2.5m tall and is truly show stopping. It provides clients with excellent branding opportunities and awareness for their events while delivering a wow factor as soon as delegates walk through our doors.

Our in-house team of audio-visual experts in the Digital Media Suite have been busily creating a suite of assets for clients to display across the screen. Here, our talented digital media cadets are leading the charge and have been honing their skills to design a series of motion artworks while working with clients and event planners directly to create bespoke content for upcoming events.

Not only delivering a high impact first impression when guests first arrive, the screen also provides improved wayfinding and the opportunity to display event information prominently, complementing the 350 digital screens available throughout ICC Sydney.