ICC Sydney’s Annual Performance Review reveals a steady road to recovery

28 Sep 2021

Leadership at Australia’s premier convention, exhibition and entertainment centre delivers broad community benefits despite COVID-19 and prepares to drive pre-pandemic economic performance.

International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) is poised to drive the economic recovery of the CBD following the release of its 2020/21 Annual Performance Review.

Demonstrating the venue’s industry leading adaptability and innovation in the face of lockdowns, border closures and operating restrictions, ICC Sydney hosted more than 352 events for over 200,000 attendees despite the ongoing impact and restrictions created by the COVID-19 pandemic, providing opportunities for social engagement and economic benefits across Sydney and through its supply chain into regional areas.

CEO Geoff Donaghy said ICC Sydney had worked closely with NSW Health to ensure it was able to continue its service to clients and the community safely throughout the year.

“Despite the challenges, our extraordinary team worked hand in glove with our customers to host 352 events, of which 80 were virtual, 72 hybrid and 200 were in-person events,” Mr Donaghy said.

“During the month of May, almost 90,000 people joined 60 events. This return to near-normal domestic activity confirmed the team’s success in maintaining client and stakeholder confidence throughout the pandemic.

The results – and in particular those achieved during May 2021 – further laid the foundations for long-term recovery.

“Managing the present has allowed us to build our future. We expect to be back to delivering spend across the New South Wales community of $1 billion annually within the next five years,” Mr Donaghy said.

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perottet said ICC Sydney had played an important role ensuring Australia’s only truly global city maintained its competitiveness in tough times.

Throughout the pandemic, the show went on at ICC Sydney – keeping our great city front of mind for events even when they had to be held virtually,” Mr Perrottet said.

“And as we emerge from lockdown, ICC Sydney will also drive the revitalisation of our CBD, welcoming visitors back to the city to fill our hotels, dine in our restaurants, shop and explore.”