ICC Sydney Stages ASEAN-Australia Special Summit 2018

22 Apr 2018

ICC Sydney has welcomed the Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, Leaders of the Member States of ASEAN and the Secretary-General of ASEAN to the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit from 16 to 18 March 2018 in a historic and landmark occasion.

Held in Australia for the first time, more than 500 delegates from Southeast Asia came together to strengthen Australia’s strategic partnership with ASEAN and promote economic cooperation, security and prosperity.

ICC Sydney was home to a complex multi-day program including a Counter-Terrorism Conference, CEO Forum, SME Conference, Leader’s Plenary and Cocktail Reception and multiple sub-events across the integrated precinct.

CEO of ICC Sydney, Geoff Donaghy, said the venue was immensely proud to be a part of such a landmark event, providing the ideal environment for the ASEAN Leaders to meet, collaborate and govern.

“Our ability to work closely with the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit 2018 Taskforce, alongside state agencies, to plan and host such a large-scale event of international importance showcases the capability of our premier venue. As a result of meticulous advanced planning, stakeholder collaboration and innovative event delivery, the feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly complimentary.”

Underpinning the event’s successful execution was ICC Sydney’s leading technical and production facilities, and its robust digital infrastructure.

This accommodated requirements for more than 200 international media while simultaneously supporting extensive interpretation equipment for dignitaries.

According to Donaghy, this infrastructure was crucial to meeting expectations while ensuring high-grade security provisions were in place at all times.

“The ICC Sydney team adhered to strict venue protocols throughout the summit, mitigating contingencies and redundancies for every element of the event and every item of equipment. This was supported by a robust communications strategy, contributing to the events overall success and ensuring a secure environment for attendees at all times.”

Head of the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit Taskforce, Simon Merrifield, praised ICC Sydney’s multipurpose spaces, service excellence and expert counsel.

“All ICC Sydney staff involved exemplified the utmost professionalism, dedication and ability to seamlessly deliver this high-profile event, resulting in a truly positive experience for the dignitaries who attended.”

Donaghy added that ICC Sydney was on show to the world throughout the summit with coverage of the city, the venue and the event broadcast internationally.

“ICC Sydney has successfully demonstrated its capabilities to an audience of millions and we are proud to be underscoring Australia’s reputation as a leading destination for business events on the global stage.”