ICC Sydney Loves: Globe Artichokes

27 Sep 2017

Executive Chef Tony Panetta Shares ICC Sydney’s Seasonal Ingredient of the Month

Eating with the seasons is not just a trend, but something that research has shown can benefit health as well. ICC Sydney’s culinary team is passionate about sourcing seasonal produce and the freshest ingredients, helping to build a sustainable local food industry.  This month’s star ingredient is the globe artichoke, sourced from Freemans Reach, a picturesque farming town known for its high-quality produce in the Hawkesbury River region, less than two hours outside of Sydney. Executive Chef Tony Panetta has found a wealth of ways to use the versatile vegetable, both fresh and preserved.  The globe artichokes are sourced through a local farmer co-op, Cooks Co-op, which supports local suppliers by connecting them with fine dining venues and assisting them in getting their fresh produce onto plates across the city.

Over one tonne of the Hawkesbury River region’s finest globe artichokes has been ordered by ICC Sydney this season, with a portion of this preserved so it can be used in dishes throughout the year.

“Techniques like pickling allow our team to serve beautiful ingredients out-of-season and fulfil client desires including key dish requests, while still honouring ICC Sydney’s commitment to buying local, seasonal produce,” said Panetta.

Keep an eye out in the October newsletter for the ingredient Tony and the culinary team will be loving next month.

Image: ICC Sydney Executive Chef, Tony Panetta, with Globe Artichokes. Photography: Alana Dimou.