ICC Sydney Loves: Figs

31 Jan 2018

Fresh Australian figs are ripe for the picking this month, featuring as a stand-out ingredient on International Convention Centre Sydney’s (ICC Sydney) menu collection this summer.

A fruit with a rich history, figs have been enjoyed for thousands of years for their luxurious, sweet flavour and unique texture. Ahead of peak season, ICC Sydney’s Executive Chef, Tony Panetta, and his team have sourced and ordered more than 150kg of Australian figs from local producers across New South Wales (NSW).

This includes growers such as Mr Figs, situated in the picturesque Central Coast region of NSW between Sydney and Newcastle. Known for its hinterland, the area has favourable climatic conditions and nutrient dense soil where fig trees thrive.

Panetta said the highly sought-after fruit is truly versatile and that its natural sweetness makes it perfect for pairing with a raft of flavours, including cured meats and artisan cheeses, as well as desserts.

“Guests can look forward to sampling our fresh supply of figs grilled and cooked down into a beautiful, sweet sticky sauce alongside lacquered Hunter Valley duck breast, pressed confit duck, pickled baby beets, chard leaves, goats curd and wood sorrel.

“In line with the mood of summer, I also love to feature figs naturally where possible, like on our produce boards,” said Panetta.

In keeping with the venue’s Feeding Your Performance culinary philosophy – which delivers ‘smart’ dishes, comprising fresh ingredients, combined to fuel delegates’ bodies and minds – figs bring rich nutritional credentials to the table.

“Figs are rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron, and are a good source of antioxidant vitamins including A, E and K. All of this simply adds to their reputation as a great summer ingredient which ticks the boxes of flavour, substance and wellbeing,” said Panetta.

Keep an eye out next season for the ingredient Tony and the culinary team will be loving in autumn.