ICC Sydney Loves: Cherries

21 Dec 2017

December marks the start of summer, so to celebrate the season of sunshine and festive menus, International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) has featured premium Australian Cherries as its star ingredient for the month.

ICC Sydney’s first order of the sweet and juicy fruit hails from Block 11 Organics in Nashdale, a picturesque town situated four hours west of Sydney, and known for its high-quality seasonal produce. More than 300kgs of Block 11 Organics’ finest cherries have been served at ICC Sydney, allowing visitors, delegates and clients alike to get a taste of one of summer’s most magnificent offerings.

ICC Sydney regularly visits its suppliers and a variety of producers across regional New South Wales, and it was through one such recent trip that the partnership with Block 11 Organics grew.

Tony Panetta, Executive Chef at ICC Sydney, said he was impressed by the farm’s commitment to quality, and was also delighted to receive an early first delivery thanks to a uniquely warm winter and recent rains.

“Cherries are one of summer’s prized jewels and they add a festive touch to any dish. Their sweet taste, soft texture and bright red colour evoke fond memories from my childhood of Christmas when we used to pick cherries from our family tree.

“Although they are delicious when cooked, cherries are also amazing on their own, especially served chilled from the fridge on a hot day. At ICC Sydney, we’ve tried to keep it simple when it comes to this wonderful offering, ensuring our guests get the ultimate cherry experience this summer

Visitors have discovered the delicious flavour-packed fruit as part of the venue’s Culinary Collection, including a starring role alongside delicious smoked Hunter Valley duck, heirloom beets, lentils and chic weed. This is just one of the many ‘smart’ dishes on ICC Sydney’s menu, which features fresh, nutritious and locally sourced ingredients expertly combined to drive physical and mental performance.
ICC Sydney’s commitment to sourcing seasonal produce like Block 11 Organics’ famous cherries is part of our innovative industry-first Feeding Your Performance approach, which helps drive event, visitor and business success while building a sustainable local food industry,” said Panetta.

Keep an eye out in the January newsletter for the ingredient Tony and the culinary team will be loving next month.