ICC Sydney Loves: Cabbages

29 Jun 2018

Tasty and packed with vitamin C, B6 and K, cabbages are not often the vegetable of choice to use as a delicious and nutritious addition to a dish. Here is why ICC Sydney Executive Chef Tony Panetta and his team are loving them this winter.

A member of the Brassicaceae family, cabbages are a Cruciferous vegetable that are warming delegate tastebuds this winter at ICC Sydney.

Cavolo nero, green, savoy, red and kale are all different types of cabbage making their way from local farms to plates at ICC Sydney events.

ICC Sydney sources cabbages from the Cooks Co-op on the nearby Haweksbury River, a paddock-to-plate supplier who connects local farmers with the finest venues and restaurants in Sydney. The venue is committed to supporting regional farmers through its Feeding Your Performance philosophy and already has a network of 87 New South Wales farmers and producers.

Executive Chef Tony Panetta is passionate about the vegetable that is often labelled as ‘bland’ or ‘boring’.

“The variances in colour, taste and texture between the different types of cabbage gives us endless opportunities to get creative with a vegetable that is often forgotten about. They can be braised, sautéed, pickled, steamed or eaten raw and are the perfect accompany to almost any type of meat. They’re also full of probiotics when fermented and can be eaten on their own”, Panetta said.

Cabbages can be found throughout the venue’s Menu Collection, ranging from air-dried with Wagyu beef bresaola, cabbage, celeriac, Grana Parmesan and crisp bread to a red cabbage slaw with house smoked Rangers Valley beef brisket and house made BBQ sauce.

Keep an eye out next season for the ingredient Tony and the culinary team will be loving in spring.