ICC Sydney launches second edition of Sydney InView

24 May 2022

As editor of Sydney InView magazine, it gives me great pleasure to launch our second edition. In 2022, we highlight ICC Sydney’s unique ability to power connections between event organisers and attendees and our diverse community of stakeholders.

Sydney InView reveals our latest products and services but perhaps more importantly, it uncovers our ability to leverage local connections that will ultimately help event organisers reach their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals through their events at ICC Sydney by leaving a positive social and environmental legacy.

Business events are a driving force for innovation, providing researchers and practitioners with a platform to discuss and disseminate new ideas. They are where brilliant thinkers come together to solve the world’s problems — from health and medical breakthroughs, technology and ethics, engineering and development, to environmental sustainability and more.

Detailed in Sydney InView is ICC Sydney’s unique ability to connect people to CSR solutions at events year-round through our industry leading Legacy Program. As an iconic destination, we believe we have both an opportunity and an obligation to drive change and facilitate positive legacies through the events we host. Spanning five distinct streams of First Nations, Environmental Sustainability, Generation Next, Creative Industries and Innovators & Entrepreneurs, ICC Sydney’s Legacy Program offers our community, team and the wider industry a connection to Sydney’s brightest minds and the best of our local culture, talent, food and produce and innovations.

Sustainability has re-emerged as an area of universal concern in our post-pandemic world and through our Legacy Program, ICC Sydney connects clients and stakeholders to our growing network of partners to collaborate on solutions.  From our new partnership with leading conservation group Science for Wildlife who are working to protect Australia’s flagship species the koala, to our partnership with Sydney Water helping to reduce plastic water bottles from events or improvements to our waste management processes, ICC Sydney makes it easier to achieve environmentally positive solutions through events.