ICC Sydney Launches Partnership with Science for Wildlife to elevate conservation for koalas

02 May 2022

At ICC Sydney we believe that we have a responsibility to make a difference in our world by lightening our environmental footprint while seeking to leave positive social impressions; to leave a positive legacy by fostering community engagement, environmental sustainability and economic development.

As evolving climatic conditions increasingly harm Australia’s unique and precious nature and wildlife, it is imperative that organisations like ICC Sydney, operate in a sustainable manner and do all we can to promote the protection of the natural environment.

This is why I am pleased to share that ICC Sydney is partnering with Science for Wildlife – a leading not-for-profit wildlife conservation organisation. Based in the NSW Blue Mountains to Sydney’s west, Science for Wildlife aims to contribute to effective wildlife conservation by developing innovative solutions based on science and through community involvement.

Using our global platform and reach, ICC Sydney will help to raise awareness for Science for Wildlife and wildlife conservation under climate change. The partnership provides volunteering opportunities for the ICC Sydney team and will also be an extension of our Legacy Program, an industry leading initiative designed to help our clients deliver an impact, and contribute to the intellectual, social and cultural capital of Sydney, long after their event has wrapped.

Falling under the Sustainable Events stream of the Legacy Program, our partnership with Science for Wildlife will not only raise awareness about conservation in general, but will specifically help support the protection of koalas, recently listed as an endangered species due to the impact of global warming and urban expansion.

As we welcome more and more events and people back to ICC Sydney, we will be offering them ways to support our Legacy Program and this new partnership. For example, smaller client groups will be invited to venture into the Blue Mountains region and assist in tracking and monitoring koalas – enjoying an unforgettable experience and leaving a positive impact.

For larger groups, they will have the opportunity to assist in projects such as Science for Wildlife’s habitat regeneration programs. Clients can also leave a positive impact by making donations or sponsoring events to help the protection of this much loved but endangered species.

Learning and development opportunities for ICC Sydney team members also include field work to monitor koalas, koala habitat development and online research activities. To support our team, ICC Sydney offers one paid volunteering day per year that can be used to participate in these activities, contributing to this important cause.

On behalf of myself and the team at ICC Sydney, we are very excited to share this new partnership with you and cannot wait to start working alongside the team at Science for Wildlife to continue to make a difference.

Samantha Glass

Director of Corporate Affairs and Communication
Chair, ICC Sydney Reconciliation Action Plan Committee
Chair, ICC Sydney’s Corporate Social Responsibility Steering Committee
ICC Sydney