ICC Sydney Details Support for Regional NSW

08 Jun 2017

Venue Joins Committee for Sydney to Discuss the City’s Role in the Future of Rural Communities

International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) CEO, Geoff Donaghy, has outlined how the new venue is supporting New South Wales (NSW) rural communities in the face of increasing urbanisation, and will provide State-wide economic, societal health and environmental benefits for decades to come.

The details were revealed last night at the Committee for Sydney Regional Produce and the City dinner – part of its 2+2=5: The relationship between Sydney and regional NSW series – which opened with a keynote address by Hon Niall Blair MLC, NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Regional Water and Trade & Industry. Following a NSW focussed food and wine experience, a panel, moderated by Dr Tim Williams, CEO of Committee for Sydney, discussed the importance of State-wide collaboration to position Sydney as one of the world’s leading business and tourism destinations, while simultaneously supporting regional NSW.

Industry leading panellists across sectors included Geoff Donaghy, CEO of ICC Sydney, Lyn Lewis-Smith CEO of Business Events Sydney, Kyle Loades, President of The National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA), Bryan Skepper, General Manager of Sydney Fish Market, and Sandy Olsen, Vice President Corporate Affairs of Carnival Australia.

Donaghy said that as urbanisation increases, so should a city’s support for its surrounding regional areas. ICC Sydney is set to deliver AU$5 billion of economic impact to NSW over 25 years, and we believe it is vitally important that we help strengthen regional communities, allowing them to also flourish.

As a demonstration of just one of the important roles of convention centres, and ICC Sydney’s Feeding Your Performance approach to management, we have created a unique supply chain of more than 60 local farmers. This allows us to collaborate with local

producers, providing assured income and financial security. Through a partnership approach, we hope to facilitate their growth and build job opportunities in their communities.

In return, we receive some of the best produce in the world to support the culinary aspect of Feeding Your Performance. Our menus comprise fresh, seasonal ingredients, expertly combined to aid physical and mental performance, ultimately driving client and delegate success. These relationships are a prime example of how, as a State, we are stronger together,” said Donaghy.

The discussion follows industry first research by University of Technology Sydney (UTS) into how the venue is benefitting regional NSW. This will be updated annually to chart the positive impacts made by Australia’s premier convention, exhibition and entertainment venue over time.

NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Regional Water and Trade and Industry, said ICC Sydney provides an impressive opportunity for regional producers. ICC Sydney attracts visitors from around the globe – our guests get to enjoy the very best of our local produce and our producers get a world class stage to showcase their food and beverage to the world.

ICC Sydney is setting new best practices in engaging and collaborating with the regions to the benefit of all – it’s a win for the venue, a win for suppliers, a win for producers and a win for our visitors who get to enjoy it.”

Photo: The Hon. Niall Blair MLC  (left) and ICC Sydney Executive Chef, Tony Pannetta.