ICC Sydney commits to Earth Day

23 Apr 2021

At ICC Sydney, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in sustainable events. To shine a light on the importance of sustainability, we acknowledge the 51st annual Earth Day.

Corporate Social Responsibility, including environmental sustainability is a core focus here at ICC Sydney so we are pleased to participate in such an important global occasion, bringing together people to drive positive action for our planet. In line with this year’s theme, Restore Our Earth, we support the need to move beyond preventative measures and into proactive action to restore the planet to a healthier state, a cause we can relate to and have initiatives in place to drive forward.

Sustainability in focus

According to EventBrite’s 2020 Event Trends Report, 72% of Australian event organisers are actively taking steps to improve the sustainability of their events, a huge jump from only 11% in 2019. At ICC Sydney we have seen this sentiment mirrored in the needs of our clients, with many looking to host sustainable events that mitigate negative impact on the environment and positive impact in the community. We expect this demand for sustainable events to continue to increase as we move out of the COVID-19 crisis.

We’ve also adopted a triple bottom line approach to CSR with business performance directly linked to our social, environmental and financial results. We focus attention across all three areas year round, working to identify initiatives that contribute positively to our clients’ events and will be integral to building sustainable communities and cities for the future.