Exhibitions showcase Australia’s manufacturing strength media release.

Exhibitions showcase Australia’s manufacturing strength

20 May 2024

As International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney), managed by ASM Global, prepares to mark this year’s Global Exhibitions Day on 6 June, it announces 131,800 people will attend 16 exhibitions in the last quarter of FY2023/24 – sparking trade in growing industries from manufacturing, construction, food services to clean energy.

The update aligns with the Australian federal government’s renewed focus on advancing manufacturing and clean energy projects through the “Future Made in Australia Act” – a taxpayer-funded incentive scheme that seeks to elevate Australia’s competitive advantage.

ICC Sydney CEO and Group Director – Convention Centres, ASM Global (APAC) Geoff Donaghy said exhibitions were an extremely important market segment for Australia that catalysed investment, networking and provided an unparalleled platform for innovation on the expo floor.

“In the lead up to Global Exhibitions Day, it is timely to mark the great impact the exhibitions market has in boosting business. Exhibitions continue to underscore significant economic and social benefits in the local economy and positively impact suppliers.

“Not only are opportunities created for businesses in key growing markets such as construction, manufacturing or renewable energy, but the economic impact of these shows and the audiences they attract are enjoyed right across the country,” Mr Donaghy said.

ICC Sydney welcomed 6,000 attendees to engage with 270 exhibitors and 15 speaker presentations at the three-day Australian Manufacturing Week expo that was sponsored by New South Wales (NSW) Government.

Kim Banks, Head of Events at Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL), said: “The Australian Manufacturing Week exhibition is at the centre of a week-long celebration of Australia’s manufacturing industry. ICC Sydney was the perfect location to host manufacturing professionals who witnessed a part of technological evolution with the latest machinery on display – all while networking with the innovators and companies who are at the forefront of manufacturing excellence.”

Oliver Kinross’ Sydney Build Expo expanded its 2024 footprint to encompass six exhibition halls where 50,000 attendees engaged with over 600 exhibitors and 500 speakers discussing technical matters alongside sustainability, diversity, women in construction and mental health.