31 Mar 2017

As a venue attracting events from across the globe and with a team of employees from a variety of backgrounds, ICC Sydney’s workplace is as diverse as the industries our clients represent.

Diversity within the workplace allows for rich discussions and robust outcomes, all of which are essential to ICC Sydney delivering its industry leading standards. ICC Sydney employs a 50 per cent male-to-female-ratio and both recognises and values differences in cultures, knowledge, skills, backgrounds and perspectives.

Geoff Donaghy, CEO of ICC Sydney, believes a diverse organisation breeds a culture of knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation.

“Our workforce diversity builds organisational capability as we bring people together to collaborate, innovate and ultimately deliver results for our clients,” he said.

Further adding to ICC Sydney’s diversity is its multiplicity of clients from an array of industries. An employee incentive, a religious group conference and a home and renovation exhibition are just some of the events that have highlighted ICC Sydney’s diversity in March.

From the events to the team, ICC Sydney’s diversity will continue to flourish and deliver extraordinary service at a world class venue.



Photography by SaltyDingo, 2017 NSW Women of the Year Awards.