Curating ICC Sydney’s 100% Local 2020 Wine Collection

18 Feb 2020

This year, we’re thrilled to unveil our 2020 Wine Collection, sourced from 100% NSW wines. Almost four years ago, ICC Sydney made a commitment to not only deliver world class events, but also make a positive and lasting impact in the community. I’m proud to say, that in the curation of this wine list, we are achieving this.

We started with a simple pledge to serve our guests the best wines in the world, launching with a list comprising of 80% NSW wines – which last year increased to 92%. In 2020, we have furthered this commitment with our 2020 Wine Collection, where every single bottle featured is of the highest quality and sourced from NSW, supporting our local producers.

As a venue with approximately 1.4 million visitors from around the globe attending events each year, we feel it’s our responsibility to buy locally, while using our platform to boost NSW’s reputation as a top producer.

This year, we challenged ourselves to focus on offering only the highest quality drops, while building our selection of world-class regional wines. Following a blind tasting of over 400 bottles of wine with panel of diverse tasters, we handpicking only the most vibrant drops from 14 different regions within NSW.

Featuring a mix of emerging talent and well-established makers, we feel confident that the 2020 Collection contains an exceptional selection of premium wines to suit any occasion, menu and price range. Guests can choose from the high-quality, affordable wines from our Classic Package, through to some delicious iconic options, such as Tyrrell’s Vat 1 Semillon or Brokenwood Graveyard Shiraz.

The latest trends and growing preferences were also considered, placing an emphasis on organic and bio-dynamic wines, as well as a range of non-alcoholic options, which our guests have already been incredibly receptive to.

It has undoubtedly been a challenging few years for both regional and Australian producers, who have faced a prolonged drought, hotter temperatures and bushfires. In response they have been evolving their production methods, planting new varietals and shifting harvest timings to ensure they continue to consistently produce incredible wine. Despite the fact that every single bottle featured on the list has certainly earned its place – against today’s backdrop – we believe it’s more important than ever to champion and support our state’s fantastic growers.

To shine a light on some of these issues, while showcasing the regions rich heritage, we’ve launched a four-part docu-series entitled, ‘100% Local’, with the first episode now live here. We’re incredibly excited to show the people behind our bottles, who are responding to today’s challenges with phenomenal tenacity and resilience, spearheading amazing innovations and consistently turning out world class drops.

Here at ICC Sydney, we believe in practising what we preach. As an advocate for local producers, we feel strongly that they should take pride of place in our Wine Collection. What’s more, we stand behind each and every bottle of wine that has been featured in our list, and have total faith that the quality of our varietals match any Australian or global region. The response to the wines so far has already been outstanding. We look forward to the year ahead, as we continue to serve up the best of NSW!