Amsterdam Dress pictured in Darling Harbour Theatre, ICC Sydney.

CEO Update – June 2023

29 Jun 2023

Bujari Gamarruwa,

This month, we announced an exciting initiative that we have implemented at ICC Sydney to enhance your event experience and ensure accessibility and inclusivity for all attendees.  Our newest resource, the Accessible and Inclusive Events Guide is a comprehensive resource that outlines our best practice advice on creating experiences that cater to individuals of all abilities. We believe that every attendee should have equal access to the events we host, and this guide serves as an invaluable tool in helping you to achieve that goal.

From an inventory of physical accessibility features at the venue, to advice on creating a welcoming experience for people of all abilities, the guide delivers on ICC Sydney’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy and exemplifies our broader mission to provide accessible, equitable and inclusive events, delivered by our diverse and experienced workforce.

Critically, the new guide for event organisers complements the information and services provided to venue delegates and patrons via an accessible format on ICC Sydney’s website. Our aspiration to create the most accessible and inclusive environment for events means that every visitor feels welcome and can participate — and our new Accessible and Inclusive Events Guide, corporate culture and state of the art amenities support event organisers to deliver this. You can access the guide here and read our Director of Corporate Affairs, Communication, and Sustainability, Samantha Glass’ insights on how our venue strategy cultivates an accessible, equitable and inclusive future here.

Exemplifying our commitment to sustainability and inclusivity was our recent delivery of Ozwater’23, the Southern Hemisphere’s largest water conference and exhibition. Through the activation of ICC Sydney’s Legacy Program, we successfully supported the Australian Water Association to deliver their program that celebrated First Nations culture and included sustainability and volunteering initiatives and created an event experience that left a lasting positive impact.

At ICC Sydney, we firmly believe in fostering rewarding careers and I recently reflected on my own management career in this article published in Conference & Meetings World: A ‘Leader’ is what others need to call you. Over the years, it was clear to me that successful leadership delivers three key outcomes: doing what’s needed, doing what’’ right, and doing it together. Leaders must ensure that they are doing what is best for the company, required by law, and what aligns with their moral compass. Additionally, it is crucial to take the team with you on this journey, and they must share your goals and aspirations. By working collaboratively with our clients and partners, we can achieve remarkable outcomes and set new industry standards together.

Recently, we provided a unique opportunity for our clients to take a look behind the scenes at the highly successful event delivery in action at the ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting. This firsthand experience provided insights into our range of corporate social responsibility initiatives, the meticulous planning and partnership with our valued client to ensure that every event detail contributes to an exceptional and sustainable experience. You can watch the case study video here.

Our continued focus on inclusivity, sustainability, and exceptional event delivery sets us apart and we are committed to providing you with resources, insights, and experiences that will elevate your events and make them truly extraordinary for every attendee.

Thank you for choosing ICC Sydney as your event partner. We are grateful for your continued trust and support.

Yours faithfully,

Geoff Donaghy

ICC Sydney CEO and Group Director – Convention Centres, ASM Global (APAC)