Spotlight: Tech Gym leading the robot rehab revolution

Spotlight: Tech Gym

Leading the robot rehab revolution

Written by Alexandra Cain

Photography by Andy Roberts

Tech Gym is another start-up you may have come across if you’ve visited ICC Sydney recently. It’s featured on 15 digital screens located around the venue in the Sydney Innovation Stories project.

The emerging firm uses robots for rehabilitation. Rather than a therapist having to assist patients, a robot does all the heavy lifting.

“We make it fun using games, virtual reality and music therapy. We have score boards and leader boards to improve the way patients engage with their therapy. This means they do more therapy and return home with a higher level of independence and quality of life. This is going to mean huge savings for the government,” explains  founder Rowan Smith.

Tech Gym is part of the UTS start-up community. “Thanks to UTS I have been able to go on international exchanges, pitch my business and develop my skills. It also means I get to work with other amazing founders on a daily basis and access some of the best researchers and equipment to build prototypes.”

Smith is about to embark on a fund raising round for the business. He says the exposure Tech Gym has received by being featured on ICC Sydney’s digital screens has assisted with this by putting the organisation in front of a local and global audience.