UTS Startups Summit 2023

27 JUNE 2023
UTS Startups Summit
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Inaugural event delivered in Aware Super Theatre

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2,000 students and teachers across New South Wales

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Seven keynotes featuring young founders and entrepreneurs

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Four schools provided student speaking opportunity

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Diversity and inclusion championed for attendee needs

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Legacy Program powered partnership


ICC Sydney welcomed 2,000+ high school students from years 9 and 10 for The University of Technology Sydney’s inaugural UTS Startups Summit, Australia’s largest event inspiring and supporting young tech-enabled entrepreneurs. The event featured an impressive lineup of young founders and entrepreneurs from an array of industry backgrounds, including ecommerce, software development, digital content creation and marketing, and internet of things. ICC Sydney’s team of world class professionals facilitated a smooth delivery, supporting all delegates to feel inspired by its industry leading Legacy Program in action.

“ICC Sydney is the perfect venue to drive this kind of large scale impact. This day would not have been possible without ICC Sydney’s team, and their commitment to create a genuine legacy and inspire the next generation is awe-inspiring. We’re currently supporting 680+ startups through UTS Startups, with connections to the right mentors, investors, customers, talent and researchers. It’s wonderful to have a world class venue nearby with a team that encourages relevant startups in to support a particular industry or technical skill through the incredible Legacy Program partnership.”

Murray Hurps, Director of Entrepreneurship, University of Technology Sydney

Efficient crowd management

ICC Sydney’s team of experienced professionals provided world class support on event day to ensure a smooth inaugural event. With the diverse range of schools participating from different regions across New South Wales, the team planned two arrival procedures to register all attendees. Student bus arrivals were facilitated utilising space in Exhibition Centre Halls 3 & 4, with an extra registration desk activated in the area alongside the Aware Super Theatre desk to save time and boost efficiencies. Schools arriving via the city’s accessible public transport options were processed at Moriarty Walk, next door to the building entry. The collaboration between the venue’s security team and ushers allowed the event to start seamlessly on time, with the same responsiveness ensuring safe crowd management at the event’s close.

Inclusivity for everyone

Accessible and inclusive event operations have been built into ICC Sydney’s practices, as outlined in its robust Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy. With the successful launch of the Accessible and Inclusive Events Guide off the back of an extraordinary Sydney WorldPride Human Rights Conference delivery, the venue is committed to collaborating with clients to identify opportunities to improve and break down barriers together. A prayer room within Aware Super Theatre was activated for the day to accommodate people from all backgrounds. Situated next to amenities with discreet entry, attendees easily accessed the space for their cultural needs without taking disrupting their event experience.

Legacy in action

ICC Sydney’s industry leading Legacy Program empowers clients to contribute to the intellectual, social and cultural capital of Sydney, creating real impact that is felt long after the conclusion of events. The event highlighted ICC Sydney’s cutting edge Innovators and Entrepreneurs stream and partnership with The University of Technology Sydney event inspiring the future generation of thought leaders to nurture a strong pipeline of professionals for years to come. The event delivery was preceded by an opportunity for the client to volunteer at Generation Next community partner and charity Stand Tall’s Sydney 2023 event held in Aware Super Theatre, sharing cross-stream knowledge to bolster the positive influence of the summit.
UTS Startups Summit 2023
UTS Startups Summit 2023
UTS Startups Summit 2023