8 JUNE 2023

Stand Tall 2023 at Aware Super Theatre.
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Seventh consecutive year hosting the event

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Record breaking attendance and broadcast figures

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6,000+ students, teachers and volunteers hosted in Aware Super Theatre

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200+ volunteers supporting the event delivery, including ICC Sydney team members

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Seven speakers and two performers, including Nicho Hynes and Timomatic

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30 ICC Sydney Audio Visual Services team members delivering state of the art production, including Live Stream and Event Highlights presented on 7plus


ICC Sydney hosted Stand Tall 2023 for the seventh consecutive year, as over 6,000 high school students, teachers and volunteers were welcomed into Aware Super Theatre. Over 100,000 registered for the Live Stream and Replay in both 2021 and 2022, and similar numbers are anticipated for 2023. The event is hosted by venue community partner and Legacy Program contributor Stand Tall and promotes youth mental health through inspiring stories of hope, courage and resilience.

“Now in our seventh year together with ICC Sydney, Stand Tall Event has grown from 1,500 in 2017 to 6,000 attendees. This year was our best event yet and we have had many long term supporters agree. ICC Sydney’s staff are truly exceptional, and they have wonderful leadership from the top. Everyone part of our Stand Tall team loved working with ICC Sydney to make a tangible difference to the mental health and wellbeing of many young people.”

Angela Farr-Jones, Associate Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Stand Tall

Audio visual brilliance

ICC Sydney supplied Stand Tall with state of the art audio visual equipment to supercharge the event delivery to its full potential. A star drape and UV lights display matching the event branding enhanced the light show on stage. ICC Sydney’s team of dedicated professionals were on site to manage the livestream, with a dedicated studio to run independent content. Across two days of event setup and delivery, 30 ICC Sydney audio visual experts contributed to ensuring a world class technical experience.

Location and logistics

ICC Sydney’s prime location within the city affords multiple convenient access options for all attendees. The venue’s team members and volunteers were able to support liaising over 40 different schools transported via bus, with two halls utilised for drop off and parking. The remaining schools easily accessed the venue through public transport, with the venue being a short walk from Central and Town Hall stations.

Empowering Generation Next

Stand Tall is a long time community partner of ICC Sydney, with aligned values and commitments to diversity, inclusion and wellbeing. ICC Sydney’s industry leading Legacy Program connects events with the local student community, nurturing the next generation of leaders. The event engaged the wider New South Wales student audience with messages of hope and positivity, as ICC Sydney operated the livestream for the Seven Network. ICC Sydney team members championed the cause through volunteering, making up 15% of the dedicated team of 200 people giving their time to support the event delivery.

Stand Tall at Aware Super Theatre
Stand Tall 2023 at Aware Super Theatre
Stand Tall 2023 at Aware Super Theatre