1 MARCH 2023

Salesforce Exhibition Space
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8,000+ in person attendees

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250 VIPs and C-suite executives

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90+ sessions

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High-profile tech event with leading industry experts, trailblazers and entrepreneurs

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Sustainability focus throughout the event planning and execution


ICC Sydney supported Salesforce to deliver its annual World Tour, hosting over 8,000 Salesforce customers, employees, innovators, VIPs and C-suite executives in its convention and exhibition centres. Occupying more than 31,000sqm, ICC Sydney’s Convention Centre was home to a pre-function space for 250 VIPs and C-suite executives while keynotes, cocktail function spaces and breakout rooms were delivered in the Exhibition Centre.

With the support of ICC Sydney’s audio visual team, Salesforce was able to broadcast the speeches with closed captions from the Exhibition Hall into the Convention Centre and delivered additional staging, lighting and audio set up for private question and answer sessions in Pyrmont Theatre foyer.

Environmental sustainability as well as a strong security overlay were prominent features of the large scale event with ICC Sydney supporting Salesforce to meet its objectives through event delivery and post-event corporate social responsibility reporting.

ICC Sydney provided fantastic support for this event. Their commitment to sustainability, with existing policies, practices and credentials, were perfectly aligned to Salesforce’s mission and fifth value, sustainability. The support and knowledge from the team proved invaluable to the success of our event and this continues to ring true every time we come back”

Stuart Frank, Senior Director, Strategic Experiences Asia Pacific Salesforce

Highly secure events

As a high-profile event with hundreds of C-suite executives and VIPs in attendance, ICC Sydney’s highest priority was the safety and security of all attendees. Delegates were required to go through rigorous security measures including metal detectors and identification checks to ensure safety.

Empowering sustainable solutions

Sustainability is a key value of Salesforce and was a core focus in the event planning process. Salesforce looked to ICC Sydney’s leadership in sustainable events to support initiatives across solar power, food, water and waste management at the venue and was inspired to activate further initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of the event.

ICC Sydney’s Presentation Services team provided a customised waste streaming system to assist visitors to dispose of their waste. Refillable water stations were installed throughout the Exhibition Centre and the team provided additional BioCups to support the event’s zero plastic mission and encourage attendees to bring and reuse their own water bottles. ICC Sydney served several carbon friendly meal options across the cocktail, morning and afternoon tea menus to lower the overall carbon footprint of the event.

Measuring impact

ICC Sydney provided Salesforce with a waste report detailing the outcomes of the event and opportunities for future improvement across environmental and social action plans. The report supports the venue’s journey to Net Zero Carbon Events and empowers event organisers to take control of the event’s environmental footprint.

Salesforce World Tour 2023
Salesforce World Tour 2023
Salesforce World Tour 2023