australian and new zealand college of anaesthetists (anzca) annual scientific meeting

5 – 9 MAY 2023

Salesforce Exhibition Space
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45% delegate opt-in for carbon offset credits

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21 sessions delivering sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion focused topics

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6 keynote speakers, 5 plenary speakers, 3 sponsored speakers – from ANZ, UK, Israel and Canada

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Sustainable event delivery with including carbon friendly catering, biodegradable lanyards, digital signage and water stations

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Pre-event carbon footprint calculation by ICC Sydney


ICC Sydney was selected to host this year’s Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) for the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA), the first in person delivery in three years. Held within ICC Sydney’s world class Convention Centre, the theme of ‘Be Connected’ celebrated the value of face to face business meetings. The scientific meeting featured a robust program with inclusive and sustainable implementations, supported through ICC Sydney’s facilities and industry leading Legacy Program.

“The college is going through generational change, and we need to be an organisation that is seen as part of the community. We must embrace what matters to our members. We care about the environment, and we care about diversity, equity and inclusion. It has been incredible to work with ICC Sydney knowing that these things not only matter to the venue and the team, but that the venue has robust facilities and resources that greatly support these initiatives so integral to the success of our event”

Jan Sharrock, Executive Director, Fellowship Affairs, ANZCA

Building event legacy

ICC Sydney was proud to align with ANZCA’s commitments to championing diversity, equity and inclusion through its Legacy Program. Key areas promoted in the action plan were Environmental Sustainability, First Nations and Generation Next. Sessions engaging participants in First Nations, LGBTQIA+, accessibility and cultural diversity topics were curated. Gender diversity and investment in future professionals were supported through a Women in STEMM breakfast and Emerging Leaders Conference. Many venue accommodations were utilised, including a creche for parents and carers, and hearing loop technology to improve accessibility

Achieving event sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of ICC Sydney’s business practices, and the venue guided ANZCA event organisers in seeking sustainable solutions during the planning stage. These offerings included more carbon friendly catering, biodegradable lanyards made with bamboo and dedicated recycling stations for collection and reducing paper waste by utilising digital signage when possible. Most single use signage was eliminated in this process, alongside no printed brochures, handbooks or pocket programs. Delegates were also encouraged to bring their own keep cups and water bottles, with water stations provided for a seamless experience.

Carbon footprint offsetting

Carbon reduction, and empowering clients to be aware of event footprints, are major aspects of ICC Sydney’s environmental strategies. ICC Sydney partnered with ANZCA to conduct a pre-event carbon footprint calculation, determining the overall carbon emission profile of the event. Based on this figure, a carbon credit model was created, giving delegates the ability to opt into offsetting their carbon footprint at a cost of just A$2 per day of attendance. ANZCA successfully encouraged almost half of their delegates to participate in the scheme. Through this innovative program, the ANZCA event organisers successfully offset about 301.75 t CO2e.

e Australian and New<br />
Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) 2023 in ICC Sydney's Exhibition Centre.
e Australian and New<br />
Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) 2023 water station in ICC Sydney's Exhibition Centre.
e Australian and New<br />
Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) 2023, recycle lanyard box in ICC Sydney's Exhibition Centre.