Rebecca Campbell - Returning to the Wisdom Within - One Day Workshop is coming to ICC Sydney on 18 November 2023.

Convention Centre

Rebecca Campbell: Returning to the Wisdom Within

We are all intuitive and have an inner guidance system waiting to guide us, every moment of every day. But most of us haven’t been taught to trust it, or are too overwhelmed by the business of everyday life to truly listen to it, – let alone act on it. When we learn to connect with and act on our intuition, we find ourselves living the life we really want to live. Then we are able to truly be ourselves and fulfill our greatest potential.

Rebecca Campbell is a writer, visionary, and is a renowned facilitator of transformative group and guided meditations that are truly impactful. In this activating experiential workshop, Rebecca will guide you to tune into and clearly hear the unique calls of your soul, enabling you to integrate them into your everyday life.

Join us for a unique day that will inspire you to weave the soul back into your everyday life.