FMG International is coming to Darling Harbour Theatre on Saturday 27 April 2024.

FMG International Sydney 2024

Welcome to FMG International, where we’re not just redefining fitness and glamour—we’re turning it into an electrifying spectacle for spectators like you! Prepare to be captivated as competitors light up the stage with their charisma, determination and absolute style. But our events are more than just a show; they’re an immersive experience where you’re invited to join our vibrant community and become part of something truly special. From the adrenaline-pumping competitions to the heart-warming connections made offstage, every moment at FMG is a celebration of strength, beauty and the indomitable human spirit. So, come join us and witness firsthand the magic of ‘Fitness, Glamour, and the Art of Aesthetics.’ Welcome to FMG!